Corporation Tax

Designing solutions that fit seamlessly with your overall goals

Harrow is a unique market place, with a high number of business start-ups, family businesses and subsidiaries of overseas groups.

At ST-Partnership we are used to advising clients with all levels of experience, and at every stage of business development, growth and change. Whether you are thinking of setting up a company for the first time, or you are a director/shareholder of many years’ experience, we will be able to partner you through:

  • The ever changing minefield of compliance requirements
  • Planning opportunities to reduce the burden of taxation

We see companies as being business and investment vehicles, there to serve the purposes of people – the shareholders, directors and employees. With this in mind, everything we do in corporate tax will be designed to work seamlessly with the overall goals of those main players.

Our corporate tax specialisms include:

  • remuneration and dividend planning
  • start-ups, acquisitions, reconstructions and sales
  • exit strategies
  • share schemes
  • groups and associated companies
  • enterprise incentives
  • personal service companies (including IR35)
  • UK subsidiaries of foreign holding companies
  • R+D tax credits
  • the taxation of professional practices
  • charities

Require more information?

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