We offer the full VAT service where we will write up your books in order to file your VAT returns and liaise with the tax authority on your behalf.

As much as 15 per cent of a business’ cash flow is tied up in VAT, so it is crucially important to manage payment and compliance efficiently and effectively.

This increasingly complex area of tax costs businesses dear if VAT issues are not resolved promptly, or VAT saving opportunities are missed.

Our specialist VAT team comprises technically gifted individuals who are extensively experienced in highlighting potential VAT problems and identifying ways of reducing VAT costs.

  • As well as advising on VAT registration and tax planning, our team offers valuable guidance on the highly complex rules covering areas such as the acquisition or disposal of businesses
  • We carry out a free initial review of your VAT position to establish whether there have been any underpayments or over payments
  • In addition we advise on matters specific to your businesses and can resolve any of your VAT-related questions or potential problems
  • Dealing direct with HM Revenue and Customs is proving increasingly difficult, and we are experienced in obtaining rulings, submitting voluntary disclosures and options to tax, as well as liaising with VAT inspectors
  • VAT rules change quickly and updates in legislation and case law developments are complex and time consuming. We ensure your business is informed of any changes – including retrospective ones which create opportunities for refunds

If your business has been involved in any of the following situations, a VAT review may well lead to a significant reduction of your tax burden.

  • Commercial or domestic property purchase, sale, development or construction
  • Receiving grant or other non-business income
  • Partially exempt with a without a special method
  • Cash flow problems
  • International trade
  • Receiving assessments or default surcharges from HM Revenue & Customs

VAT is one of the more complex and onerous areas of UK tax legislation. With regulations and rates constantly changing, and HMRC adopting harsher penalty regimes, there is a strong need for your business to employ the services of a professional in this field.

Our professional knowledge and experience allows us to advise you on contentious transactions both within the UK and externally. Blue Spire also has strong relationships with VAT experts ensuring that the advice you receive is of the highest standard.

Our services include:

  • Assistance with VAT registration
  • Choosing the most suitable VAT scheme for your business
  • Completion and submission of VAT returns
  • VAT planning
  • Liaising with HMRC on your behalf

Haines Watts has a superb name in the market for VAT advice. Many of our VAT people have worked at senior management level in HMRC, so they’re strong technically and really know their way around the VAT jungle.

Here’s just a few areas where we can help:

  • Customs duties – Advice on setting up warehouse regimes to defer custom duties and VAT on imports.
  • VAT disputes & appeals – Challenging unjustified VAT assessments, negotiating settlements and representing you at a VAT & Duties Tribunal
  • Partial exemption – Maximising your VAT recovery, whilst limiting your costs.
  • Planning & structuring VAT transactions – Structuring transactions to avoid unnecessary VAT and helping you deal with central government or local authorities on issues.
  • International issues – Rationalising your VAT registrations worldwide, managing the cashflow implications of VAT and securing VAT repayments from other countries.
  • Specialist sectors – We obtain large repayments for companies in many sectors that have special VAT rules, such as: catering, not for profit, care homes, hotels, student unions and sports clubs.

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